A window-cleaning company has set a new world record after washing windows with a pole measuring 115ft long.

Staff from Harvard Window Cleaning, which is headquartered in Bournemouth and works across the south, managed to give glass on the tenth floor of an office block a good washing.

Guinness World Records insisted that the window cleaning brush had to measure at least 35m (115ft) to set the new world record.

The company spent several thousand pounds building such a pole and it took six people to raise it to the window.

A professional surveyor measured the pole and the attempt was videoed so officials can view the evidence and confirm the record.

The pole measured the same as three double decker buses or 33 Warwick Davises.

Luke, who has run Harvard Window Cleaning for ten years, said: “Most window cleaning poles don’t go beyond 65 feet so we have almost doubled the standard length.

“We commissioned a special pole that came in about 20 pieces that were clamped together with a brush at one end.

“Water was pumped through the tube and we were able to get it right to the top of the building. There was more wind than we’d have liked but we managed to clean a couple of windows.

“Some of our team were at the top and we tied a rope to the brush as a safety measure.

“We also had a cherry picker to help extend the brush to the top.

“The pole bent a great deal but we had planned for that and the plan worked very well.

“We have applied to the Guinness World Records to confirm the record, which I anticipate they will because we followed their instructions perfectly.”

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