Talbot Village Trust has donated £6,000 to Coda Music Trust to enable the charity to address the soundproofing issues and health and safety concerns of the older parts of the music centre. 

Coda Music Trust is a charity that has a mission to provide high-quality music programmes including music therapy and workshops for all ages and abilities within the community.

The charity has carried out a number of renovations to the centre such as replacing the old wooden windows with new double-glazed ones. The replacement of the windows and the fitting of modern flooring has created better soundproofing in the two workshop rooms at the centre. The improvements were necessary as it has helped to contain the sound in the workshop rooms and reduce the noise impact on the centre’s residential neighbours.

By the end of 2019, the charity is planning to improve the accessibility of the centre. The worn-down external doors will be replaced to provide better access and soundproofing to the workshop rooms and the main reception area.

Phil Hallett, Chief Executive at Coda Music Trust, said: “We are hugely grateful to Talbot Village Trust for their support. Their wonderful donation has enabled us to tackle some serious problems with our buildings and make significant improvements, helping to create facilities we are proud of, and ensuring our work can continue to reach everyone in our local community.

“We have even noticed a rise in morale at the centre due to our new enhanced and quieter environment. The new tranquil space could introduce more opportunities for us, as we have already expanded our services as a result of the building’s improvements.”

Russell Lucas-Rowe, Trustee of Talbot Village Trust, commented: “We are incredibly pleased to have been able to help the Coda Music Centre to keep reaching the most vulnerable members of the community such as the disabled, the elderly, the ill and everyone in need, all through the power of music. We have learnt how the centre transforms lives with music and now in an improved centre, the charity will be able to continue to support more people across the county.”

Talbot Village Trust meets biannually and is accepting applications for funding from both previous and new applicants in the area before the Trustees meet in spring 2020. Please go to www.talbotvillagetrust.org for more information.

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