Liam Royce Ulla, finalist in this year’s Mr Dorset competition, has established a new not-for-profit foundation, Coacoara, to reduce plastic waste and assist in reducing the ocean’s plastic content.

As part of the Mr Dorset competition, each candidate has to undertake charity development, so Liam has started his own not-for-profit foundation, Coacoara. The foundation is based on the objective of creating a cleaner ocean for future generations by offering shoppers an alternative to plastic carrier bags and other packaging.

The money raised by Coacoara will then be used to fund The Ocean Cleanup Project, which hold operations to reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans. As well as funding this organisation, Coacoara will also fund their own ocean clean-up projects in areas where plastic pollution is especially prominent, such as India and China.

Liam Royce Ulla, said:

“I’m super passionate about the ocean and spend a lot of my time on the waves kitesurfing. Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic fill our ocean, and something has to change before the damage becomes worse. By offering a biodegradable alternative to packaging and funding ocean cleans, we are helping remove the current plastic from the ocean and ensuring it doesn’t return.”

Liam found the inspiration for Coacoara after travelling to the north of Brazil and finding the town of Jericoacoara. He was amazed at the local’s resourcefulness and environmentally friendly attitudes.

Liam, said:

“Following on from my visit to Jericoacoara, I was so inspired by the eco-friendly attitudes of the people living there. They live such a clean way of life which causes no damage to the environment. It made me realise that we should all be taking inspiration from the way they live.

“With the Mr Dorset competition requiring charity development, I felt it was the perfect time for me to start Coacoara.”

The bags distributed by Coacoara are made from corn starch and degrade within 6 months. These carrier bags are offered to businesses alongside other eco-friendly alternatives to cups and wrappers.

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