More than 200 local events businesses and professionals from around Bournemouth and Poole will support a UK #WeMakeEvents charity bike ride this Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th October, dressed in red, to support six industry stalwarts on a journey across the UK, dubbed #TheSurvivalTour. They have worked with the likes of Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Roger Waters, Florence and the Machine and Mumford and Sons and now their industry faces impending collapse, with livelihoods at risk. The tour aims to drive awareness of the plight of the events and entertainment business due to the coronavirus crisis and raise money for Backup charity, which provides financial support for the entertainment industry.

The cyclists are aiming to cover 1,500km between Newcastle and London by bike to support the #WeMakeEvents movement and will call in at pinnacle Bournemouth event venues including the BIC and Pavilion at 5pm on Wednesday 14th October and Bournemouth 7s Festival, Chapel Gate, the world’s largest sport and music festival, at 9am on Thursday 15th October. These are three of the 50 most iconic UK venues and festival sites standing empty since lockdown that the tour will visit. To support the initiative, you can join the team for a day’s bike ride by registering or donating.

The tour is being led by Steve Reynolds of production firm Loudsound, who said: “Having worked in the entertainment and events business for so many years we all felt we HAD to do something, both to raise awareness to the public, who rarely see us behind the scenes, and inform the Government of the impending collapse of this sector, one that has grown year-on-year and is regarded as the best in the world, and is on the brink of collapse.

“Most of our friends and colleagues work in this industry, we know their families and they are suffering. In fact, it’s like a big extended family, and we couldn’t stand by and let it just disappear without trying to help. So, to anyone reading or listening, please come and join us (it’s imperative for safety and COVID compliance that everyone has to register) or, if you can, make a donation on our donations page, thank you so much.”

Gary White of #WeMakeEvents added, “We’re delighted Steve and the team are helping in this way. It’s a typically generous gesture that we’re used to seeing from this industry. We’re extremely aware that many in our industry are suffering a sharp decline in their mental health  and, with little or no work or income for the past six months and no prospect of jobs until at least spring 2021, it’s important that we all pull together and raise funds to help them. If you’re thinking of joining the ride, why not invite an industry friend who might be in that position to get involved to join you for the day and be a part of it.”


Saturday 3rd October: Newcastle > Northallerton

Sunday 4th October: Northallerton > Leeds

Monday 5th October: Leeds > Manchester

Tuesday 6th October: Manchester > Warrington

Wednesday 7th October: Warrington > Sheffield

Thursday 8th October: Sheffield > Nottingham

Friday 9th October: Nottingham > Coalville

Saturday 10th October: Coalville > Birmingham

Sunday 11th October: Birmingham > Oxford

Monday 12th October: Oxford > Bristol

Tuesday 13th October: Bristol > Glastonbury

Wednesday 14th October: Glastonbury > Bournemouth

Thursday 15th October: Bournemouth > Portsmouth

Friday 16th October: Portsmouth > Brighton

Saturday 17th October: Brighton > London

Sunday 18th October: London (travelling between landmarks)

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