Harnessing 26 years’ experience in Human Resources Consultancy, entrepreneur, executive coach, public speaker, trainer and consultant Sarah Hamilton-Gill’s first book, ‘Leap Into HR Consulting: How to move successfully from Corporate to HR Consulting’, has topped the Amazon charts on pre-orders alone and that was before its official launch on Nov 5.

Alongside the book, Sarah is running bespoke training courses for professionals who want to set up their own HR practice.

Since the launch in March this year Sarah has already coached more than 50 people on how to set up a business in HR and as a result they’ve developed specific niche businesses across the UK.

Throughout 2020, the courses have all been operated online, via 90-minute Pivot Your Business or Accelerator coaching and virtual bootcamps.

The book is an organic development from her successful courses and its popularity is testament to how the world of work has changed forever.

Sarah said: “With Covid-19, Brexit and new working patterns, HR professionals are encountering increased uncertainty and demands in the workplace. The upside of this is that many have realised they want to go it alone and that they no longer need to leave their future in the hands of others. Many HR professionals are leaving the corporate world to gain flexibility, freedom and more control. The majority of her clients have been furloughed, at risk of redundancy or simply need more flexibility to juggle commitments at home, including home schooling.

“Without guidance, the transition into HR consulting is rarely straightforward, which is why I have written the book. It is designed to guide people as they set up, launch and run a successful consultancy business. The aim is to leave them well placed to maintain income and grow their business”.

Moving from a corporate environment, with organisational structure, IT resources and administrative support, can be challenging, which is why the book focuses on identifying what is important, staying true to values and beliefs, winning ideal clients, marketing, collaborations and smart working.

Sarah continued: “For many, the pandemic has led to home working. What might have been viewed as a trial has become the norm, or something which employees can shift to as required, depending on the nature of what they do for a living. This necessitates different HR procedures and contracts, whatever the sector or size of an organisation.” The demand for HR services has never been higher.

The book is aimed at those moving into HR consulting, and it will resonate with people who are finding their employment difficult, for whatever reason, and will motivate them to consider a more flexible and alternative approach to being employed or to going it alone and become a business owner.

Sarah concluded: “So far in 2020, I’ve supported the set up of more than 50 small businesses, its been empowering for them all as they’ve set up a business in the midst of a pandemic. That is no small feat during a year like this one. I love what I do, taking people through the steps to make their dreams a reality, and this year my work means more to me than ever before.”

“Behind every small business is a person with different wishes and dreams. Those dreams can become reality.”

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