100th robotic-assisted hip replacement

Professor Middleton and his team at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital
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An orthopaedic surgeon at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital is celebrating his 100th successful hip replacement surgery using state-of-the art, robotic-arm assisted surgery. The Mako robotic-arm assisted technology is used by only a handful of hospitals in the UK and provides aided orthopaedic reconstructive surgery under the guidance of a consultant. Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital invested in the Mako technology in October 2017.

The combination of this pioneering technology along with market-leading implants ensures that patients benefit from smoother, quicker and less-painful recovery times, as well as a longer lasting implant.

Professor Robert Middleton, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital, said: “The beauty of the Mako robotic-arm is the absolute precision that we can achieve. When performing the surgery, I always maintain full control of the arm, but with its accuracy and also the detail from the pre-operative plan, the risk of error is significantly reduced.

“A hip replacement is the most common surgery performed in the UK, so it’s exciting that patients in and around the Dorset area are able to benefit from such innovative technology, in the form of the Mako robotic-arm. We predicted that within our first year of using this technology we would perform around 50 surgeries, but we have doubled this amount with a few months to go.”

“We are receiving a vast number of enquiries from people outside of Dorset who have heard about the fantastic results that the Mako robotic-arm has produced and are travelling to have the procedure done. Locally, we are also seeing an increase in interest through word of mouth recommendations.”

Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital has partnered with Bournemouth University to head up the world’s first research programme dedicated to measuring the success rates of hip replacements, performed by pioneering robotic-arm assisted surgery. This partnership is the result of a £200k grant awarded to Bournemouth University by the world’s leading medical technology company, Stryker.

If you would like more information about the orthopaedic facilities at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital or would like to book an appointment to see a consultant, call customer services on: 01202 375032.

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