The Professional Boatman's Association AGM event

L to R: Dave Gibson PBA, Dee Barron Coleman Insurance Brokers, Phil Higgins PBA, Steve Porter PBA, Tony Pauffley Coleman Insurance Brokers
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Coleman Insurance Brokers marine team sponsored the annual Professional Boatman’s Association (PBA) AGM event which took place at the RNLI training head- quarters in Poole in March.  The PBA was set up to act as a voice representing small commercial vessels across the UK.  Its aims are to promote safety at sea and to monitor the new legislation that is regularly introduced to the industry. 

PBA General Secretary Dave Gibson advised, “The annual AGM enables us to bring to the table any new business or amendments that require legislation and allows our members to discuss and approve.  We also use it as an opportunity to invite guest speakers to come along and talk to us.  It’s an open meeting and is a fantastically useful forum in which we can learn issues and opportunities that affect our industry – we are able to meet Government and non-Governmental associates that have direct impact on our businesses.

“The PBA was set up in 1991 after the Department of Trade (DoT), now The Maritime Coast Guard Agency, was trying to introduce new regulations that the small charter boats simply couldn’t comply with.  They proposed to stop charter vessels going more than three miles; this would have prevented thousands of small commercial vessels from operating, with the likely outcome that this would lead to their subsequent bankruptcy. The PBA instigated and ran a highly successful campaign, aimed at persuading the Department of Trade to compile a code of practice for small commercial vessels, along the lines of the Sail Training Vessel Code of Practice that was already in force. 

“The DofT subsequently invited representatives from the PBA, along with other interested parties, to sit on a steering committee.  The result was the formulation of a very sensible code of practice that is still in use today.”

PBA Membership Secretary Steve Porter and owner of enthused, “We are keen, as always, to recruit new members.  Once our members have joined they tend to stay members whilst they remain in the profession.  As well as being part of a group that’s ready to fight over any imposed legislation that might have a negative impact on business, we also benefit from great camaraderie amongst our 160 members.  We are able to share a vast amount of marine knowledge and experience from ports across the UK.  Our members are mainly angling and diving charters skippers but we would welcome any yacht charters to join.  Please visit out website to learn more about us and apply for membership.”

Concluding, Coleman Yacht & Commercial Craft Executive Tony Pauffley added, “We have supported the PBA since its inception.  As a broker it is hugely important for us to understand their industry and issues in order that we are able to provide appropriate insurance support that matches their needs. It’s been a real pleasure meeting with them all again today.”

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