Bar Personality of the Year Award

Andrew Tomlin and Joanne Tomlin, Owners of Meridian Lifts
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Meridian Lifts are the new sponsors for the much loved and coveted BAPTAs ‘Bar Personality of the Year Award’ and they are on a mission to find the publics favourite bar personalities across the BH post code area!

Do you know a bar man or woman who always remembers your favourite tipple, pick-me-up or cocktail? Do they remember your name, or do they always bring a smile to your face?

Celebrating personality, ability as well as flair and popularity, this award is for all the great bar personalities as it’s all about great customer service, a great personality, the right attitude and anyone can vote!

Said Joanne Tomlin Director of Meridian Lifts, “We have been providing lifts to the tourism industry for 21 years, and we recently celebrated our 21st anniversary of the business. We work across the county providing lift services to hotels, and tourism businesses in the area. We are excited to be a part of the awards this year and can’t wait to crown the winner!”

The 2018 BAPTAs voting categories are now open and you can vote for your favourite Bar Personality of the Year at  

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